No candidate for U.S. President will burn up the campaign trail like this one … Afroman is throwing his hat in the ring, and he picked an appropriate week to make it official. 

The rapper just filed the paperwork with the Federal Elections Commission required to run for our nation’s highest elected office in the 2024 election. 

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Afroman’s presidential committee is named “Joseph Afroman Foreman for President,” and he’s running as an Independent. We know you were thinking Green Party, but no dice. 

TMZ broke the story … Afroman announced his intention to run back in December during a concert in Missouri, where he told the crowd about his POTUS dreams — and while others are focused on 2024, he’s dubbed it the 20-20-FRO election. 

Afroman’s platform will unsurprisingly place an emphasis on the national legalization of marijuana … but it’s still unclear where he falls on other international and domestic issues. 

Afroman didn’t get high and forget to file his paperwork … the docs are dated April 18 … so he got his official business out of the way before 4/20.  

Afroman’s campaign manager Jason Savage tells TMZ… “Afroman’s ongoing persecution by the overtly corrupt Adams County Sheriff’s Department perfectly highlights that this corruption of leadership has trickled down to law enforcement all across the country. Criminal Justice Reform and Federal Marijuana Legalization remain two of the primary planks in his campaign platform. We are asking for your support as Afroman takes on this great and worthy cause as our Cannabis Commander in Chief.” 

It will be interesting to see if any other celebs run for president this election cycle — so far, Afroman’s the first to make it official. 

Kanye West made noise about trying again, but that was before, y’know … all his antisemitism. 

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