Five African-American women were crowned queen at this year’s State Queen, Ms. California HeartShine beauty pageant that happened during Black History Month. The women are Shlanda Breeden, Deirdre Bolden, Diamond Bolden, Michaela Banks, and Zahara Mitchell. 

All of the winners are promoting a non-profit initiative but Shlanda is using all the publicity as an opportunity to promote pet cancer awareness. Awarding her to the Cancer Association and other animal organizations geared towards aiding animals who are battling diseases the prestigious opportunity to represent the Golden State next year at the Run for National Queen. 

Shanda is using her reign to act as a community leader and animal advocate on behalf of her community while partnering with The Canine for Cancer Association and Miranda’s People, who provide financial assistance for people who have pets with cancer. 

As an entrepreneur, Shlanda has even launched an event-planning company for pets called Kit Kat Poochie Parties 

Service is at the forefront of her passion when it comes to helping animals in need. She created her own personal initiative, Canines for Cancer, after her bullmastiff, Dutch, was diagnosed with cancer. Many people are forced to put their pets down when facing the high cost of medical care that comes with being a pet parent. She uses her title to provide life-saving financial information to pet owners and directs them on ways to cut down expenses for their pet’s veterinary care. 

Shanda has partnered up with the National Canines for Cancer Foundation to help educate dog owners (pet parents) on how to detect cancer in their fur babies early. She has also reached out to an organization called Miranda’s People, which provides financial assistance to those that need medication or surgery for their cancer-stricken fur babies. Both organizations desperately need donations to continue fighting this horrible disease. 

Shanda, an ambassador, leader, and educator, plans to use her title to continue spreading canine cancer awareness in her community and to educate pet owners that they have a choice and they don’t have to euthanize their pets when they find out they have a major illness like cancer. She also teaches ways to get assistance and how to detect early stages of cancer in their pets. 

Outside of her dedication to service and animal care, Shlanda is a multifaceted titleholder. She is currently a student at Grand Canyon University working on her bachelor’s degree in business management. She also works as an accounting officer for the State of California and is the owner of a pet party business called Kit Kat Poochie Parties. She also likes to spend time with her four dogs; she has left two pit bulls, Capone and Little Girl, and two chihuahuas, Little Boy, and Peanut. She also loves sports. She is a diehard Dallas Cowboys fan, and she loves the Dallas Mavericks as well! 

Shanda was also awarded the President’s Volunteer Service Award, which is the highest award in the pageant industry. She was also awarded best actress and artist. She was also featured in several news publications and was one of six African American women who were crowned during Black History Month! What are the odds of that?! Because of this, Shlanda was on KCRA Channel 3 news and Good Day Sacramento with the other African American women who took the state queen title. 

The HeartShine Pageant Organization is all-ages. A progressive, national pageant system that celebrates inner beauty through a program that empowers, inspires, and changes lives The pageant awards an incredible prize filled with countless opportunities and scholarships and is also a certifying organization for the Presidential Volunteer Service Awards.

This Miss Heartshine Pageant prides itself on helping girls and women grow their confidence and leadership skills through positive experiences, community service events, personal development workshops, modeling and performing opportunities, and so much more. 

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