The comedian and actor will be officially presented with the award next month. 

Comedian and actor Kevin Hart has much to celebrate this week after being named the recipient of the “Entertainment Person of the Year” award at Cannes Lions 2023. 

The prestigious honor “recognizes the vital role that entertainment plays in the marketing and communications landscape.” The award “celebrates the creativity that inspires others to produce truly compelling, meaningful, and entertaining content,” according to its description. 

In a statement, the founder and chairman of the global media company, Hartbeat, said he was “so honored to receive this award and be recognized for my work in the entertainment and advertising space.” 

He added, “It’s been incredible to work with Hartbeat’s branded entertainment studio and marketing consultancy, along with my brand partners, to take comedy in advertising to the next level and craft culturally relevant campaigns that unite people through laughter. My team and I are just getting started, and we will continue to raise the bar and make an impact in advertising.” 

The longtime comedian will officially be presented with the accolade at the Cannes Lions Awards Show on Tuesday, June 20, as a part of the Entertainment Person of The Year seminar, where he will speak on stage at the Canne Lions event for the first time. 

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