Love Is Blind‘s Jackie Bonds divided viewers when she refused to give Marshall Glaze back her engagement ring after ending things in a very awkward break-up. 

The couple had a very tense split when Jackie suddenly ended things with Marshall, before he asked her to give back the ring and said she didn’t ‘deserve it’. 

However, Jackie insisted she would be keeping the ring, prompting Marshall to say that he ‘didn’t care’ and said it would serve as a reminder of what she ‘passed up on’. 

The awkward clash divided viewers but Jackie later took to Instagram to claim she had decided to keep the ring because the Netflix show paid for it, not Marshall. 

Meanwhile, Marshall also took to social media to defend his desire to have the ring, jokingly saying he had wanted to leave the show ‘with something’ as they doubled down on their clashing opinions. 

The couple went through their difficulties on the show and clashed in the outside world over what they wanted from a relationship, with Jackie saying she wanted Marshall to be more dominant. 

Things finally came to a head for the pair in episode 10, when Jackie said she was ’emotionally drained’, while Marshall admitted he was an ’emotional’ person and said he had simply tried to ‘encourage’ conversations. 

In a tense exchange, Marshall said their relationship had always been on her terms before Jackie shockingly confessed she ‘couldn’t love’ him because she was attracted to former flame Josh Demas. 

Marshall then asked her if she would give her engagement ring, saying he felt ‘hurt’ by her actions and fumed that she ‘didn’t deserve’ the band, but Jackie refused. 

He said: ‘I would like the ring back. I don’t think that you deserve it because you should never have accepted my proposal.’ 

However, Jackie said she would be keeping the diamond ring, replying: ‘Well, I’m gonna keep the ring because I accepted it because I wanted to marry you. Everything I told you in that pod was real.’ 

To which Marshall hit back with: ‘You know what, I don’t even care, you can keep the ring. Every time you look at that thing, whatever you do with it, I want you to be reminded that you passed up on something great.’ 

The very awkward clash divided viewers but both Marshall and Jackie have since taken to social media to double down on why they wanted the ring. 

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