Michael Jackson attends a Pepsi press conference February 3, 1992 in New York City. Entertainer Jackson accepted the largest individual sponsorship deal in history from Pepsi-Cola in 1983. (Photo by Steve Allen/Liaison) Photo@ GettyImages

SOURCE: blackenterprise.com 

In a testament to the enduring allure of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, even nearly two decades after his untimely passing, a wealthy collector is poised to become the proud owner of Jackson’s iconic jacket from his inaugural “Pepsi Generation” commercial.  

This legendary piece of music history is expected to command a hefty price of $400,000 or more, according to TMZ. 

The black and white leather jacket is scheduled to hit the auction block on November 10, courtesy of Propstore, with estimated bids ranging from $230,000 to $460,000. This remarkable garment had been in the possession of Wendell Thompson, who reportedly inherited it from Jackson himself in 1983. 

 Thompson’s late mother had served as Jackson’s cosmetologist, and the gift was presented at the grand opening of the music legend’s personal suite at Orlando’s Hotel Royal Plaza within the magical confines of Disney World. 

Having safeguarded this cherished cultural relic for decades, Wendell Thompson now plans to leverage the jacket as collateral for his will, ensuring his children and other family members receive a lasting legacy. 

Thompson has fondly reminisced about the memories associated with the jacket and hopes that its future owner will create their own special moments with this historic piece. 

This sale of Jackson’s memorabilia continues a trend of staggering prices achieved for items linked to the pop icon. In 2011, the red jacket worn by Jackson in his iconic “Thriller” video fetched a jaw-dropping $1.8 million. 

 Jackson’s 1983 moonwalk-debuting socks were sold for $2 million in 2018, and his signature white glove from the 1984 Victory Tour commanded an astonishing $350,000 shortly after his passing in 2009. 

For those who can’t participate in the high-stakes world of Michael Jackson memorabilia, there are alternative ways to connect with the legend.  

The Michael Jackson Museum in Gary, Indiana, and the singer’s former family home in California both offer fans the chance to explore an array of artifacts, generously donated by the singer and his famous siblings. 

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