On Tuesday, Lenny Kravitz, the legendary singer-songwriter and actor, celebrated a milestone. With his loved ones by his side, including his famous daughter Zoë Kravitz and fellow actor Denzel Washington, he talked to PEOPLE about how “incredible” it is to be honoured. Channing Tatum, Marla Gibbs, and Verdine White also attended. His star is located in front of the historic Capitol Records Tower. 

“I never thought about it. Like I said, when I was a kid, I was walking up and down these streets, but I was pretty much always thinking about where I was gong to sleep that night. To have it now just feels so surreal and I’m really grateful.” Lenny Kravitz said. 

On another note, Lenny Kravitz plans to share his twelfth studio album ‘Electric Blue Light’. The release date is May 24. ‘TK421’, the lead single and music video, is out now.  Watch it below.

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